Markelle Fultz is the next part of the 76ers “trust the process”

What we’ve been seeing from the 76ers this season shows why we shouldn’t be too much concerned about the injured Markelle Fultz 

There was a segment on ESPN First Take yesterday morning, and the segment was on 2017 No. 1 overall pick Markelle Fultz. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Fultz in a Philadelphia 76ers uniform. For those who are not familiar with Fultz. Fultz is a 6-foot-4 combo guard out of the University of Washington. Continue reading “Markelle Fultz is the next part of the 76ers “trust the process””

Round 2: Warriors v.s Cavaliers

What to watch for in tonight’s game

Game of the night is the Warriors vs. the Cavaliers, but the game I’m also looking forward to seeing is the Houston Rockets vs. the Los Angeles Clippers. Mainly, because of Lou Williams. Williams has already had a 50-point game, and he’s averaging 23.1 points per game, a career high. This game should be an exciting one. Continue reading “Round 2: Warriors v.s Cavaliers”

The T-wolves are living up to the hype!

With Jimmy Butler leading the way, the Timberwolves have looked like one of the most impressive teams up to this point of the season

The Minnesota Timberwolves are 25-16, and 4th in the Western conference. As of now, the Timberwolves are living up to the hype. Especially since their ahead of the Thunder by three games, a team that was supposed to be ahead of them due to the roster that they have on paper. Bringing in an all-star in Jimmy Butler during the off season has seemed to be what the Timberwolves needed to make them a competitive team in the west this season. Continue reading “The T-wolves are living up to the hype!”

Should Isaiah Thomas play tonight?

The Cavaliers have decided to not play Isaiah Thomas tonight. Are they right or wrong for doing so?

Of course, we the fans want to see Isaiah Thomas play tonight against the Boston Celtics, but unfortunately we won’t get to. Tyronn Lue and the Cavaliers have decided to rest their point guard tonight due to them playing back to back games. Continue reading “Should Isaiah Thomas play tonight?”

Isaiah Thomas makes his return tonight

Thomas has been out for most of the season due to a hip injury. So now that Thomas is back how does he make this Cavaliers team better, and how much better?

Although point guard Isaiah Thomas won’t be starting tonight, and he’ll be under minutes restriction, the good news for Cleveland is that their point guard is finally back. Continue reading “Isaiah Thomas makes his return tonight”

Stephen Curry makes 10 3’s first game back from injury

What made Curry’s 10 3’s performance even more impressive?

Warriors point guard Stephen Curry has been out for almost all of December due to a right ankle sprain. Curry sprained his right ankle against the New Orleans Pelicans back on December 4th, and tonight was his first game back. Continue reading “Stephen Curry makes 10 3’s first game back from injury”

Are the Raptors being slept on?

Should the Raptors be taken more seriously now that they’re second in the East?

For most of the season the most talked about teams in the East have been the Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks. Well as of right now the Toronto Raptors are second in the East. They’re right behind the Boston Celtics, and just before the Cleveland Cavaliers with a record of 22-8. Continue reading “Are the Raptors being slept on?”

Isaiah Thomas gets assigned to the G-league

The G-league is the best thing for Isaiah Thomas right now

The Cavaliers have decided to assign point guard Isaiah Thomas to the G-league before his return. Thomas has been suffering from a hip injury, which is the reason as to why he’s been gone for part of the season.

Thomas will be playing with the Canton Charge. Canton Charge is the G-league team that’s affiliated with the Cleveland Cavaliers. This is a good move on the Cavaliers part. The G-league isn’t the NBA, but it’s the closest thing to the NBA.

This gives the Cavaliers a chance to see Thomas in game mode. The worst thing the Cavaliers can do is bring Thomas back too early, and now he’s playing bad because his hip isn’t 100%. Assigning Thomas to the G-league is the best thing the Cavaliers can do with Thomas right now. If Thomas looks bad due to injury the Cavaliers can keep him there or keep working with him. If Thomas is moving well, the Cavaliers can bring him back right now. The whole focus will be on how Thomas is moving.

Thomas had a phenomenal season last year, the guy can play. But the Cavaliers need him to be at his best. Being 5’9 is already a disadvantage for Thomas, but being 5’9 and not healthy?  That can really hurt him and the Cavaliers. Thomas may not dominate in the G-league, because he is coming from injury, but as long as he’s moving like his normal self that’s all that matters. His game will come. The Cavaliers need Thomas to be at his best if they have any chance of beating the Warriors in the Finals.

What did last night’s Lakers and Rockets game show?

The Lakers defeated the Rockets last night, but last night also showed how much trust the Lakers have in a certain player

Last night there was an upset in the NBA. The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Houston Rockets, 122-116. Rookie forward, Kyle Kuzma, out of the university of Utah led the Lakers in scoring, finishing with 38 points on 12-17 shooting. James Harden led the Rockets with 51.

Although, Kuzma had the hot hand last night, late in the fourth quarter the Ball was in Lakers forward, Brandon Ingram’s hands. This showed how much trust the Lakers have in Ingram, who’s still developing.  Late in the fourth quarter Ingram brought the ball down the court a few times, and was put in pick and roll situations. Basically, what star players do in crunch time in the NBA.

Late in the fourth quarter the Rockets looked as if they were going to go on a run and win the game. Most of that time the ball was in Ingram’s hands, looking as if the Lakers wanted him to close the game. The Lakers ended up winning the game, not because Ingram took over, but because the Lakers played well as a team.

The Lakers defeating the Rockets at home was the biggest highlight of the night, but the belief that the Lakers showed in Ingram down the stretch was also impressive. Ingram has the potential to be a very good player in the league. Ingram is still a work in progress. He’s constantly attacking which is good, but he plays out of control. Footwork and shooting is something Ingram could improve on. The Lakers looked good tonight.

Carmelo Anthony’s Homecoming

Carmelo Anthony returns to the garden for the first time this season

Tonight, at 7:30 eastern time the Oklahoma City Thunder will be going up against the New York Knicks in Madison Square Garden. This should be a good game between the two teams, but the story line for tonight’s game is Oklahoma City’s small forward Carmelo Anthony. This will be Anthony’s first time playing in the Garden since he was traded from the Knicks this summer.

The first question is how will the New York fans react to Anthony once his name is called in the lineup? Will they boo him or cheer for him? Since Anthony was basically forced out of New York, I believe the fans will cheer for him. It’s not like Anthony bashed New York, and said he wanted out. Anthony wanted out because he wasn’t wanted there anymore. A matter of fact once Anthony was traded, Anthony did a tribute on Instagram titled “I will always love you” dedicate to New York. So, I don’t see why the New York fans would boo him. Also, New York now has a franchise player in Kristaps Porzingis. So, there’s nothing New York fans should be mad about, and the Knicks currently have a better record than the Thunder. The Knicks are 15-13, while the Thunder are 14-14.

Although Anthony has tremendous love for New York, this doesn’t mean Anthony will show them mercy. Of course, first priority for Anthony is to get a win. But second priority has to be a career night against his former team, and to out play Porzingis. How bad would it look if the Knicks won, and Anthony was out played by Porzingis? I’ll answer that, bad. That would basically be saying that the Knicks made the right decision by trading Anthony.

Although, I do think trading Anthony was the right decision. The Knicks needed a fresh start. However, it’s the way the Knicks went about trading Anthony. That didn’t sit well with him, and that’s mainly why I think Anthony will look to go off this game.

Just like the Thunder won the other night against the Pacers for Paul George’s homecoming. I’m expecting the same thing tonight in New York. It wouldn’t come to a surprise if Anthony has a 30-point game tonight. He’s been playing well as of late, and he’s playing in New York. The first time the two teams played each other, the Thunder won, and Anthony had a decent game, scoring 22 points. Tonight, should be similar, except Anthony’s play should be better. Tonight’s game is a game everyone should be looking forward to.